Mr. T.L. Jindal


Mr. T.L. Jindal, founded the Shanker Group in 1997 and upon successfully establishing the business he handed over the operations and management of the business in 2006 to his son Mr. Anil Jindal. Upon retirement from business, he has fully devoted his time in upliftment of society. Today, he is associated with various charitable institutions and NGO’s.

Mr. Anil Jindal

Managing Director

Mr. Anil Jindal, took over the reigns of the business in 2006 and provided a new vision to the company. He planned a growth strategy for the company and expanded the business vertically into three domains – forging, casting, and machining.

Amit Jindal

Mr. Amit Jindal


Mr. Amit Jindal, son of Mr. Anil Jindal, recently joined the business upon completion of his education. He completed Bachelors in Business (Finance, Management, & Entrepreneurship) from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, USA. Further, he completed Masters in International Business from H.E.C. Paris, France.