Corporate Social Responisbility

Supporting Education of 200 students

Kamla Nehru School was established in 1982 in Patto Hira Singh (ancestral village) which is run and managed by Jindal family under the name and style of their fore father Lala Milkhi Ram Charitable Trust.

Initially, the school started as a primary school, then developed into a Middle School from Nursery to Eight Grade. Today around 200 students study in this school.

Agriculture Land for cause

Family has procured around 5 acres of agriculture land and all revenue generated is used for social causes. Further this revenue also helps manage a temple and a dharamshala built by the family in 1958 in the ancestral village.

Education to Underpriveledged Student

Mr. T.L. Jindal began his social activities with Prayas Social Welfare Society in 2004. By his continual contribution to the organisation and the society, he was elected Vice-President of the organisation. Now he has given way to his post to the young and upcoming leaders of the society and bears an active role as a member.

Rotary Club

Mr. Anil Jindal is founder member of Rotary Blood Bank (Faridabad Branch).

Civic Leadership Development Program

Mr. Amit Jindal, achieved the gold medal membership, the highest level of membership in the program by volunteering for organisation including Hoosiers Hills Food Bank, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Teach For America. He also served as an Alternative Spring Break volunteer for Habitat for Humanity in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Other Social Causes

Other social causes the group is involved include the Gaushala, Blind children, and helping the underprivileged society through social organisations such as the Manav Sewa Samiti.